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on a week lon strike at two southern california ports. 800 members at the port of los angeles and long beach have been working without a contract for two years. the clerks don't handle cargo but dock workers are refusing to cross picket lines forcing a shutdown of those terminals. the strike is costing the u.s. up to $1 billion a day and it could delay shipments of holiday gift merchandise. >>> president obama will host a group of governors today to talk about the upcoming "fiscal cliff." this is after they rejected a count proposal from congressional republicans. that plan promises to trim $2.2 trillion over 10 years and includes $900 billion in entitlement cuts, two-thirds of that from healthcare. it also offers $800 billion in new tax revenues but only if the money comes from tax reform and not from raising rates on the wealthy. and that's where the stalemate is stuck. >>> rates have to rise and republicans need to acknowledge that. that's the only way to get from here to there. >> the white house says the plans fails the balance test. tax hikes and spending cuts will automatically kick i
islands. one was killed, the other injured. >>> contract talks between clerical workers of the ports of los angeles and long beach and shippers have resumed. today the strike enters its 7th day. clerical workers who have been without a contract now for two years walked out on the job last week bringing the ports of l.a. and long beach to a standstill. right now, ships are being diverted to the port of oakland up our way. the southern california ports are the busiest in the state taking in about $1 billion worth of goods every day. they have to get that settled. >>> many north beach residents are not happy with muni's central subway decision. right now the $1.6 billion project is supposed to run from the south of market to stockton and washington streets. the plan would also require digging up a section of columbus avenue in north beach to extract equipment when the project is done. merchants and residents complain it will wreck the neighborhood and ruin business. a group of businesses has already filed a lawsuit over plans to dig the massive hole in north beach. stay tuned there. >>
.com/weather. >>> it is 6:07 now. work will resume at the nation's largest port complex after a nine-day strike. negotiators finally reached an agreement to end the strike late last night. the details have not been released. and it still needs to be ratified by the union. workers were frustrated about employers outsourcing jobs. the strike shut down 10 of the 14 cargo container terminals at the nation's busiest seaport complex in l.a. >> want to get cargo moved throughout this supply chain and the country and get everybody those christmas presents that they are looking for in those stores. >> clerical workers who have been without a contract for two years walked out on the job more than two weeks ago and thousands of longshoremen refused to cross that picket line. >>> the man accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 16-year-old at risk girl is expected to make his first court appearance today. 36-year-old gary atkinson faces multiple charges including kidnapping and rape. the victim is a 16-year-old girl with autism who functions as a 7-year-old. >>
port of oakland executive is on the way out. maritime director james kwon is quitting later this month. but he will stay on as an advisor until his had replacement is hired. an audit showed he used credit cards for strip clubs on two occasions. the port's executive director omar benjamin retired after the audit became public. >>> 6:36. let's check weather with meteorologist lawrence karnow. >> let's do that. we have a little rain and some snow. >> maybe a little snow across the mountains. it's starting out quiet and chilly. out the door we are seeing a little fog in some of the north bay valleys so watch out for that. visibilities down to a quarter mile in the santa rosa area. fog will break up. sunshine and clouds move in later on. out over the bay looking like a beautiful start to the day outside. but we're likely to see clouds fill the skies later on. 39 degrees and chilly in concord. 38 in santa rosa with the fog. 45 in san jose. and 47 degrees in san francisco. in the afternoon temperatures in the 60s in the south bay cooler than yesterday. east bay numbers in the 50s and a few 60
ports from boston to houston. those ports move as much as 100 million tons of goods each year including everything from flat screen tvs, sneaker and snow shovels. >>> the housing market shows new signs of rebounding. the commerce department says sales of new homes increased by about 4.5% in november from the month before. that's the fastest pace in two years. >>> and that's your moneywatch. for more, stay with cbsmoneywatch.com. back to you. >> thank you. >>> with all the snow falling in the sierra, avalanche concerns are on the minds of many after two people died at resorts this week. cbs reporter neda iranpour asks, what's being done to keep skiers safe? >> reporter: it's one of the snowiest decembers here at northstar ski resort during one of the busiest weeks. >> i love snow. it's really cool because it's all fluffy and soft. >> the conditions are amazing, we have had a lot of new snow. >> reporter: but potential for avalanches goes up as the snowpack does. >> it helps with a sliding surface. you have a hard base underneath and light snow on top. >> reporter: two avalanches on chris
is at fisherman's wharf in san francisco where crab boats are sitting in port this morning not good for crab lovers, anne. >> reporter: no. but, you know, who it is good for? crabs. the cages that normally trap them are idle on the boats here behind me because of a strike that's going on now. it's all a dispute over price and comes down to the simple laws of economics. now, the season started back in mid-november. everything was going very well until sunday when crabbers heard that fish brokers were planning to drop the price of wholesale crab from $3 a pound, which they had agreed upon, to as low as $1.80 a pound. brokers say that's because after thanksgiving, demand for dungeness dropped and they are trying to balance supply and demand. well, now that crab boats are idle, supply is dropping. in fact, some retailers say they have no crabs left in their tank and we'll see how long that lasts. these things usually have a way of working themselves out. once the feet are put to the fire. in the meantime, there is no professional crab fishing in san francisco bay, half moon bay and bodega bay.
refreshed all their mobile products to have this new lightning port for charging and getting audio out. everyone has to update the lightning accessories. surge of android tablets a big met with the nexus 7 and kindle fire hd and the nook tablets from barnes & noble. >> we'll see even more? >> even more because they finally got a foothold against the ipad. companion apps another big trend because every gadget whether it's like your refrigerator or your car seems like it has an app that goes with it to help control it or just make more of that experience. so a lot of app developers making money now making apps for different gadgets. and the wireless living room is another continuing trend where now our tvs have wi-fi, our speakers are bluetooth and wireless and our cell phone chargers are wireless. >> so what's next? our toasters? [ laughter ] >> well, we're still looking at other wireless tv solutions and again 2013 another big rumor going into 2013 is this could be the year we see the apple television the full-fledged television that would have apple services in it. but other new tv t
to watch over u.s. ports and international borders. critics say the drones are an invasion of privacy. the matter will be revisited next year. >>> people in san jose will finally get fluoride in their drinking water. yesterday the santa clara valley water district approved a plan to fund the project aimed at improving dental health. it will take about two years to get the system operating. >>> 20 minutes after 6:00. they are red-hot. the warriors played the hornets in oakland last night. >> plus unruffled. how a pidgeon crashed the raiders game on sunday. >> and pack your chains if you are heading out of town towards the sierra. snow is likely. looks like saturday and sunday. got some good skiing conditions in kirkwood once the snow comes down, 3" of new snow expected there. at northstar more snow expecting 6" packed powder with 12 lifts ready to go open to the public. similar story over at sugar bowl. lots of snow 2" of the powder. we have six lifts open. we'll have much more a look at your seven-day forecast coming right up. hero's welcome ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> welcome back.
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8